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Expert Tax Preparation in Everett

businessman using calculatorAt The CPA Group PLLC, we know that reliable and accurate tax preparation is a key part of any successful individual or business financial plan. Our team has the experience you need to clearly understand your obligations and reduce your tax liabilities as much as possible. We are the tax experts you can rely on to achieve your goals.

Tax codes and regulations can be challenging to navigate by yourself. Our Everett tax preparation professionals work together as a team. We combine our knowledge and resources to ensure you're getting every deduction and credit available to you while also maintaining compliance with the IRS.

We assist you and your business find the resources you need to grow and achieve your goals. Whether you're in Everett or one of our surrounding communities, our team can help you save time and money. Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation today!

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How Outsourced Tax Preparation Helps You

Our kind and knowledgeable team know that keeping your books straight and in compliance can take significant time away from running your business or pursuing your financial goals. Our team focuses on staying up-to-date on all tax laws and regulations. Whether it's local, state, or federal, we know how to determine your obligations and reduce your tax bill as much as possible.

By letting us prepare your taxes, you'll also have peace of mind knowing that someone is always in your corner, ready to tackle any problems or challenges that may come your way. We can find and maximize all available deductions and credits to minimize your liabilities. If you're retired or thinking about retirement, our team is also knowledgeable in managing investments, Roth conversions, and other money situations. We work to lay the foundation that will set you up for future growth and success.

Everett Tax Preparation for Small Businesses

businessman talking on the phone while taking notesRunning a small business has many different responsibilities that take time and energy. Tax preparation doesn't have to be one of those when you let us help. We begin by assessing your current economic situation gathering all the documentation we need to file your taxes accurately. Then we put together a plan that reflects what you are looking to accomplish and what you need and want from us. Our team will walk with you throughout the tax process, answering questions and concerns. Once your taxes are filed, we will also assist you in planing for next year to further reduce your obligations and requirements.

Tax Tips for Business Owners

Managing all the paperwork and books of a small business is a challenging task. Our Everett tax preparation experts partner with you to make sure everything is organized and ready for tax season. We help you simplify your tasks so you can focus on running your business successfully. Together we can make tax season more manageable and profitable. Some important tips include:

Separate Your Business and Personal Finances - By ensuring your business and personal expenses don't mix, it keeps your books clean and gives no reason for the IRS to investigate.

Ensure the Correct Business Entity is Chosen - In order to maximize profits and decrease tax obligations, it is vital that the correct entity is selected for your business. Changing your business structure can dramatically impact the amount of taxes you are required to pay.

Use Software to Track Income and Expenses - Choosing the correct software to meet the tracking needs of your company is an essential step in keeping your books clean. It also allows you to quickly pull up any record when it's needed, reducing errors and potential problems when filing your taxes.

Keeping Organized Throughout the Year

businessmen shaking handsWe can meet with you in person or online to discuss your goals and tax needs for your convenience. Our team wants you set up for success throughout the year. We provide organizers annually for individuals to keep track of your documents throughout the year. We will always keep you informed throughout the process and advise you on ways to minimize your liability for the coming year. Our Everett tax preparation team also will recommend money-saving strategies to keep your money in your pocket.

Everett Tax Preparation to Help You Succeed

The team at The CPA Group PLLC is focused on reliable and accurate tax preparation you can trust to businesses and individuals in Everett and the surrounding communities. Each member of our team is accessible and respectful, always working for your best interests. Let us help you save time and money. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation!

Call Us: (425) 316-6905 Book a Consultation

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